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Lets Build a Motor

So.... Im already planning for the worst.

What are people doing for built motors.... Are they just stroking it and forging it up?

Anyone bore it out?!

Any places selling complete built motors?

I just need Rocket to point me where to spend my money thanks!
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LMAO if you were building a Coyote or a LS/LT no problem but a Hellcat motor I have zero clue. I would look to HHP for some thing like that. They build real race cars not just bolt on parts but I have no experience with them just their reputation. how crazy you gonna get? I know its just money but think about it you want to go fast build a real drag car from scratch not a jeep. you want to bolt on some crazy stuff and make a brick go low 9s sure it will cost you $ but not like your thinking about doing. id pull the stock motor sell it and drop in a real motor before I spent that much money but still its s jeep you wont make any records. if you do you might as well toss the 2650 and get turbos. see what I am saying you can go down a steep path very fast and at the end of the day its a jeep. You need to build a race car a purpose built drag car it will save you money in the end.

but I do think forged internals is next for you if you want to or not its gonna happen. a few extra cubes at that time wont hurt lol.
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I am going to build a pure drag car eventually...

I think i will just pull the motor and stroke it, and forge everything up.

I have only had the car two weeks since May, so i was thinking of looking for a hellcat motor... and just ordering parts... Build that motor... and then swap them and maybe sell the trackhawk motor.

A pure drag car is deff in my future. But i think after i beef up the Jeep engine, I would like a nice pro touring camaro, or old vette or something.

My goal is to keep the Jeep daily drive-able... As i find it humorous that I can have a daily drive-able Jeep Grand Cherokee..... My 15 year old self would be very proud of where i am today! lol
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Erik at BFNY
Josh and crew at HHP
Demon Performance
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Depending on the amount and type of boost you plan on throwing at it will factor into a stroke kit decision.

As you start going large on the CI with the gen3, you get into not ideal cylinder strokes and wall thickness issues.

Even at stock cubic inches though , you could spec a reliable big power unit.

HHP/BES or modern muscle extreme are 2 solid shops for either short or long block option shopping.

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Id say go for broke, lol. Here ya go:

You could build the heck out of that motor

2018 Trackhawk

2012 GCH SRT Gone
2014 991 tts
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hey speed costs $ how fast you want to go?

pull the entire drivetrain and drop it in a tube frame chassis with a carbon fiber body. Then we will be talking some records!
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I agree with Rocket. I think about modding my Jeep all the time but then I think about how I will get used to the power and look for the next thing which will take me down the rabbit hole. I've been there done that myself, and if it were me (I understand that no one wants to be me, but still!) I would let it ride the way it is now and if it breaks I would just buy the stock block, sell the aftermarket parts and enjoy the stock TH again while I spent my extra cash on a drag/roll race car that will give you more enjoyment.

I've spent +60k on a GT500 before with the best builder in the country and it still broke. Point being, even forged internals and upgraded parts don't guarantee the vehicle doesn't break in the future. In my case, I just cut my losses by rebuilding the motor so I could sell it

Whatever you do, if you feel like the dollars spent were worth it then that's what really matters! HHP would be my vote if you go through with a build!
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Originally Posted by JohnWGW View Post
I would like a nice pro touring camaro, or old vette or something.
ah ha now this I can help with,lol its quite clear you are not scared to spend money and you will need to carry that over to building a pro-touring car X 10.
pick the right car do the right mods and you can get the money back or more down the road.

I have a huge problem spending money I would dump tons of money in cars like the jeep only to sell or trade in at huge losses. I started building older cars that go up in value. you can spend so much more money this way,lol.

I have also been wanting to build a drag car. prob will after my 61 bubbletop is done. how fast do you want to go? The challenger body style is so cool I may just grab a demon and start there or if my 62 sells go full tube carbon fiber body etc etc.

what ever you do I will follow along with a huge smile on my face cuz it will be bad ass what ever you decide.
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Hold up...….I haven't done any digging, but are our engines not from the factory with forged internals? I'm assuming since John is talking about forging it up. Who puts together a boosted OEM vehicle and doesn't forge the internals? Hell, my S2000 F20c engine came from Honda with forged internals and it was NA.

What ended up happening to yours JohnWGW? I probably know, just can't remember exactly.

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