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  1. Jeep Trackhawk Parts
    Items were purchased for a 2019 Jeep Trackhawk: Forced induction interchiller with a stage 2 upgrade American racing headers Jeep Trackhawk 2” x 3” with high flow cats. Both Items were purchased together at Solis Racing Group. The Headers box has never been opened, but the forced induction...
    $4,200 USD
  2. Jeep Trackhawk Parts
    Brand new jeep trackhawk headers will fit 2018-2021 Brand new in box never opened Changed my mind and no longer want it my loss is your gain 4200 brand new $3000 $150 shipping Txt only 778 233 1723
    $3,000 USD
  3. Engine And Performance Discussion
    After I got my 'hawk back from Barth, it started throwing O2 codes. He told me the sensors were likely bad so I replaced them. Replaced the sensors last week (with OEM) and Now it's throwing a new but different code, P0153. It was very cold this morning, probably around 20 F. I remote...
1-3 of 3 Results