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  1. Jeep Trackhawk Issues And Problems
    I bought my dream car 2018 white Trackhawk a few months ago. After driving it about 1500 miles, I noticed white smoke coming from the tail pipes. I checked the oil and….. NONE. Turns out the dealer I bought it from “changed the oil” and forgot to put it back in before delivering my car. Right...
  2. 2018+ Jeep Trackhawk General Discussion
    Hi, does the 2018 trackhawk have steering wheel fluid ? If it does where can i find it under the hood
  3. Jeep Trackhawk Classified Forum
    Hey everyone in DFW area. I no longer have a TH but I have 4qts of SRT Pennzoil 0W-40 and brand new K&N air filter. Asking $75 for all. Message me.
1-3 of 3 Results