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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2016 New York

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A short video clip of the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk that AutoMotoTube created:

Closer look at it than looking at it in pictures.

I actually like the interior, with the red stitching and the door handle and side panels. I think it has a bit of a sporty interior with the seats.

Exterior is simple with a clean look. The red is perfect (to me) as it looked a bit dull in pictures, but the videos shows me a clear idea of the actual color.

I'm pretty inpressed with it.
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Just sticking to exterior styling, everything checks out except those wheels which look like they belong on some import but just happened be wrapped in rubbers suitable for the GC. Fortunately if I do get this GC Trailhawk, I know what i'll be changing first... those wheels.
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That's true, it's poorly made.

What would you change it to?
The wrinkle red tow hooks, trail hawk emblem, and the what looks to be perforated alcantara seat inserts are really nice subtle touches.
Think the TrackHawk will have an interior similar to the TrailHawk?
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