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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Official Images

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Jeep plans to officially release the new Grand Cherokee Trailhawk next week at the New York Auto Show but before then, a few official images of it has surfaced. You’re probably hoping to hear that the Hellcat’s supercharged V8 engine is under the bonnet but Jalopnik doesn’t think it is.

Still, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk looks great with a desert backdrop and we can make out a few of the enhancements it has over the normal Grand Cherokee. The GC Trailhawk comes with a set of beefy Goodyear tyres mounted on dark-accented five spoke rims and over those wheels are thick wheel-arch flares. For more off-road protection, cladding has been added to the Trailhawk’s front and rear bumpers along with its underside.

Tow hooks were painted red to match the red contrast stitching that runs along the front passengers’ leather upholstered supportive seats, center console, and door panels. A large touchscreen comes standard with Jeep’s Uconnect infotainment system.

The Trailhawk badge is used for aggressive variants of already existing vehicles like the Renegade and Cherokee to denote their off-road prowess. Knowing this, we can probably expect the GC Trailhawk’s ride height to be lifted an additional inch or two, knobbier tires and maybe even softer off-road suspension.

No further details have been released but we’re still holding out for the 707hp, Hellcat-powered version that Sergio Marchionne promised us at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. We should hear more from Jeep next week at the show and maybe they’ll even mention the Hellcat variant.
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Now to patiently wait for Hennessey Performance to get their hands on this beast and turn up the power. Making it into a 1000 horsepower SUV will be something.
It looks good but not great. I think that the back could use some worst, and I haven't decided on the decal on the hood.
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