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I know this is not Trackhawk related, but a lot of our Trackhawk guys are still Jeep lovers at heart. I know several guys are also sporting the new Gladiators or Wranglers for their daily drivers. So I figured some of you might be interested to know we've been doing a lot of tuning development for you JL / JT guys recently and even support them with the Mycal touch tuning devices for remote tuning now along with our with our PCM unlock service as well .

You've seen what we can do for other Jeep vehicles, but our 2018+ JL Wrangler and 2020+ JT Gladiator packages are shaping up to prove that you can get great power without needing to V8 swap your brand new vehicle! On top of all of that, our E85 Flex Fuel tuning is also available, something that proves itself good for tremendous gains on these trucks!

Click the links below for more info on our Mycal touch tuner and PCM unlock services that are available on the website as well!
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Livernois Motorsports
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