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Starting off with one of our new year special packages that saved the customer over $1000.00 dollars off the bundle and over $2300.00 in savings over the S1025 package he figured why not apply that savings to the wright area and really make his TrackHawk fly. So let's put Livernois Direct port nitrous kit on there. The results are absolutely incredible.

Starting with the pretty basic package.

Lower pulley
Pinning the crank
and Livernois Motorsports custom tuning for flex fuel.

Then add in the direct port nitrous system hands down the most effective efficient and safest nitrous kit out there.

Sure we could use a plate system if that's something you want will can and will do that. Reasons for the nitrous kit we use #1 safety this kit is adjustable from a 50 hp increase all the way up to 400 hp with the adjust ability of jetting each cylinder to make sure the mixture of nitrous and fuel are exactly the same. We also use safety switches for fuel pressure if you have a drop in fuel pressure the system shuts down we also incorporate safety in the wide band O2 sensors if the wide band O2 sensors see a lean condition the system shuts down this can help prevent burning up and engine if have a fuel pump fail or not turn on. Also featuring a progressive controller so you can ramp in the nitrous to your comfort level.

The results of the dyno are nothing short of amazing. Enjoy.

Any questions feel free to call text or e-mail

Sincerely Scott
Office 313-561-5500 ext 122
Cell 313-213-0273
E-mail [email protected]
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