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7 Cars The Jeep Trackhawk Can Beat To 60mph

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I was going to put this in the "Versus the competition" area but this isn't really against it's competition. It's a video from CarThrottle that shows which cars the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk can beat from 0-60mph.

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It's just a one sided smack-down by the Trackhawk, but I'd still like to see them all in a side by side drag race.
The drag racing videos will definitely be taking over once people get their hands on them. I can't wait.
Not only just drag racing videos, but they'll immediately be people putting these things on drag slicks and other modifications so we'll be able to see the potential these have really quickly in terms of times. We already know what the engines are capable of, just to see how these put it down now.
I drove it, he is correct
Just thought I'd post this video of a stock Jeep TrackHawk drag racing a Cadillac Escalade because the TH did manage to win by a small margin even though the Escalade has a slight power advantage at 800hp.
Caddy driver got the hole shot too. Glad to see the TH passed him by mid-track and held it to the end.

As most of you probably know: The only way to truly determine which vehicle is quicker (and by exactly what margin) is to instrument-test each car separately, with the same (talented, unbiased) driver in both cars. And do it on the same day, same track, same weather conditions, etc. Take out as many variables as possible.

Like how it is when running two cars back-to-back on the same dyno. Where there are no hole shots or other driver interference to skew the results.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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