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Hey all, loved finding this forum this weekend after finally giving these a look. Coming from the Porsche 911 Turbo and V8-swapped RX7 communities, there are quite a few owners of those cars that have Trackhawks as their second (or third) cars and rave about them... Last year I wanted one for the wife as she was looking for an SUV - looked at Cayenne Turbo, Macan Turbo, Model X, BMW X3 and X5 M's, and Jag F-Pace S - ended up with a dealer demo F-Pace S that is good, but not great.

Fast forward to last weekend and we were taking a road trip in the F-Pace S and a bunch of small annoyances added up to me looking at what they're worth (about $50k), and what Trackhawks are going for. Found one locally in San Diego today and drove it, doublechecked with my domestic tuner (Ryne Cunningham @ Cunningham Motorsports) that my planned mods are solid, and going to get the wife to drive it this week. Thinking pulleys, injectors, and headers+cats with stock axleback, and will be watching for who figures out the Flexfuel game.

Love the fact that this forum is relatively small, everyone's informed/experienced, and so far good mod discussions that are informative to those of us that can't seem to leave anything stock :wink2: Looking forward to spending some time here!
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