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Anyone Planning a Build ?

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When I say build I mean planning a full engine build for track uses or some real street fun. We obviously know what engine will be in there and there's quite a bit of aftermarket performance support out. Everything from intakes to supercharger pullies to fuel delivery components. We've seen Hellcats surpassing the 1000hp mark so it really shouldn't be too difficult at all.

Anyone already thinking about it ?
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As much as I would love to. I'll wait for warranty to finish before doing anything to it. As it is, it'll have a darn good amount of power to keep me content for a while. Can't say it hasn't crossed my mind though lol
Planning to keep it as my DD so rather not go that far with power since at that point you start to impact reliability.
Most I will do is a tune, air intake, exhaust, and little things like that.
I seen a 93 octane tune from modern muscle extreme that boasts +30hp and +30lb-ft of torque. But gives you a decent amount of controls over some parameters for $1000.
Now that is something I would do along with adding an aftermarket air intake and a full exhaust system to complement the tune. Just anything that can be easily undone. Only thing is for parts we need to be patient, 6+ months patient. But still possible to find parts out there that with little changes will work on the TH. I rather play the patient game.
I'm sure there will be a good set of parts that are capable of working in the Trackhawk as they do in the Challenger/Charger. But there may be some Trackhawk exclusive parts due to fitment and what not like an exhaust system, cold air intake, etc.
Majority of that parts that actually matter will be able to work on the Trackhawk. It's the same darn engine, obviously all the internals and accessories will fit. The only thing you may have to worry about would be the CAI due to routing. The headers should even be the darn same, the exhaust will change after the collector pipe which is straight forward.
Well, headers are susceptible to be changed. The only things that remain mostly the same are the bigger components like the engine, transmission, etc. From year to year little refinements are made so for all we know they might find a better way to improve on header design as part of an improved headers-back setup. It's just a lot of little things.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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