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At CES Chrysler announced that the fourth-generation of Uconnect will add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.

FCA is saying we might see the technology “in select models during 2016”, however no mention was in which vehicles from which brands. Although if we had to wager we would bet on something Jeep, just based on the sheer volume of the brand.

FCA hasn't clarified if the software can reach back to Uconnect 3.0 units however.

Aside from the smartphone software, the company says UC 4.0 will also offer hopped up internals aiding start up and processing, plus capacitive touchscreens featuring higher resolutions then before.

“The Uconnect team is evolving Uconnect and making it even better,” said Joni Christensen, head of Uconnect marketing for FCA.

Got it Joni...

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If it does appear in a Jeep it's probably going to be in the city drivers like the Trackhawk. A large touch screen like that would be nice but I highly doubt that'll make it into a production model. Probably stick with normal sizes.
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