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For those of us looking for the first step in upgrades on a budget our S800 package is the answer to your dreams come true.

Our S800 Performance package is a fantastic option for those of you looking to maximize the performance potential of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk while keeping stock boost levels. This package adds 10-second potential power, along with minimal modifications while adding many pieces that will ensure that reliability is a key focal point, all while laying the ground work for future Livernois Motorsports upgrade packages.

This new bundled package allows for gains of up to 85hp and 75tq when used with E85 fuel!

This install package includes the following products and services from Livernois Motorsports:

Livernois Motorsports Professional Installation
Livernois Motorsports Flex Fuel Upgrade
Livernois Motorsports EvenFlo Thermostat
Injector Dynamics ID1050X Upgraded Fuel Injectors
Livernois Motorsports PCM Unlocking Service
Livernois Motorsports Custom Dyno Tuning
Increased horsepower & torque (up to 85hp and 75tq with bundled offering)
Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments
Enhanced throttle response
1-Year Warranty

This is a package we can have done in 1 working week.

Give me a call p.m. and I can answer all your questions and take your order to get this going.

office 313-561-5500 ext 122
cell 313-213-0273
e-mail [email protected]
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