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What is your experience with the brakes? Can you bottom out your brake pedal with reasonable force while driving? When you use launch control, what brake pressure is displayed when you press hard on the pedal?

Coming from previous-gen SRTs, I’ve been underwhelmed on multiple occasions, and I’m not talking about fade. I’ve noticed it more frequently that under hard braking, the pedal is firm yet goes through its full travel and no additional stopping force can be had. In previous vehicles it seemed almost impossible to bottom-out a brake pedal, and if you did there was serious ABS invention and the sensation you were going through the windshield.

An example is traveling at 55-65 MPH and the traffic light ahead goes yellow. Instead of maintaining speed and just beating the light, I decide to stop, which requires harder stop than normal. Instead of stopping in time, I’m ending up in the intersection or needing to blow the light anyway. I’ve even messed around on a wet road by stomping the brakes like in an emergency stop. With the wet surface, there should be enough force from these brakes to cause a lockup and ABS activation, yet there is nothing.

When using LC, I have to bottom the brake pedal to hold the car on the line. I typically see 930-950 PSI.

Am I the off base and this is the norm with the braking package?
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