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car and driver review is up

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I do not have enough posts to submit the link, why seems silly considering this is a new board.

so no link, wry.
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mixed reviews I think. there are some other ones that are a little more trackhawk friendly but this seems like the most unbiased
All generally positive except for the 11/17 MPG figures. But thats what 700bhp gives you.

One interesting point I read was that Jeep said that half the first years production was already filled. Which kind of suggested to me that there will be a 6 month wait if you just got your order in recently...!?
So if the order was place aug 14th it would be 6 months. I was told December which would make it 4 months from the date of order but maybe you are correct ? What's another 2 months ugh
Regardless of what reviews say I have a feeling that buying habits will remain the same from the time most were interested. Compared to what else is on the market, we don't have many options, plus what more could you ask for?

This is the concept vehicle we all drool over at the auto show that never gets released that finally got released!!! I think it's a bargain at its MSRP compared to what else is in this class, and yet they're honestly still not in its class as the Trackhawk will stand alone at the top.
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I think the best thing that is coming out of all the reviews (Car & Driver, Autoweek, Autoblog, Automobile, etc.) is that this vehicle is more than just a one trick pony. Clearly, it offers incredible off-the-line performance, but the handling and braking are going to be strong aspects too. The fact that it can do this with a fairly good ride quality in basic modes (and also be relatively quiet thanks to the acoustic glass and active noise cancellation that limits the droning, not to mention the resonator that muffles some supercharger whine), will make it a good competitor for the luxury makers like the X5 M, GLE 63, Range Rover Sport SVR, and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. I have driven all of those vehicles (and the regular SRT Jeep), and really think I made the right decision going with the TrackHawk. Sure, the interior is not as grandiose, but it is good enough to compete, especially with teh Signature Leather package. The HellCat motor will not have the lag of the turbos of the X5, GLE, and Cayenne, and the power to weight ratio is notably better than the RRS SVR (which is a pretty heavy vehicle). I also didn't love the seats in the SVR or its infotainment system (though the optional Meridian audio system rocks!). X5 M is very impressive, but the enormously wide tires are more prone to hydroplaning and transmitting more impact harshness and noise into the cabin. Plus, even though "German" horses are stronger (since BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and Audi are notorious for under-rating their engine outputs), there is no way any of those vehicles comes close to 707hp.
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You've certainly thought about all the possibilities. I've actually entertained the idea of going for the Porsche Cayenne, but just can't get over it's looks.
Well the 2019 Porsche Cayenne looks awesome but to get the turbo it's big dough. The S has 440 hp still a far way off. Only thing I have considered is a x5m in Long Beach blue. They are taking 8k off msrp off black and white colors and they lease out great and maintenance covered. Can be tuned to 720 easily which voids warranty though. I guess beemer only sold like 1200 last year in US too. Had the macan turbo. Maintenance is high and it's too small. Fun car though.
I think they sold so few of them because the x5m was just too large for most people these days, smaller compact performance SUVs are the way to go. And it can't really compete against a stock Trackhawk with a HellCat.
It might be more due to pricing and needs that people have because I have been seeing a lot of X5's on the road but not enough of the X5M's. So that should say something very loud and clear. I think as the economy improves we will see more people moving up the trims. Don't see them settling for anything lower like an X4M.
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