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When the TH first came out in 2018 (late 2017 actually) there were a number of threads on various forums about the performance differences between the 6.4 SRT and the 6.2 TH Grand Cherokees. Sure there's a 200+ HP difference but there was still some discussions on how much quicker the TH really wold be. As I have posted here before, I've had both, well actually 2 of each of them. And I have keep records of the best runs of each so I though I'd share them with the board members. I've also learned a few things about this platform that I have found to be consistent among them. YMMV:smile2:

1- For my best numbers it's needs to be cold and dry. Around here the upper 20's to lows 30's is about as cold as it usually gets each year.... A rule of thumb, I see a loss of .1 sec to my times for each 10 degs of air temps between ~30 and ~80 degs.

2 - I never make a WOT timed run with less than 1/3 a tank of gas. I've seen (felt) fuel starvation on all four of my vehicles with less than a 1/3 of a tank on WOT launches. Some are worse than others and I never have seen/felt it with a 1/2 tank or more of fuel. Seems to start happening on WOT standing starts runs between 1/4 and 1/3 of a tank.

3 - I've used launch control but my best times "in all cases", has been while in track mode. No power braking on the TH's and a little power braking (~2000 rpm's) on the SRT's. One foot on the brake, one on the gas. I simply release the brake and mash the gas at the same time. (Minimal wheel spin and it works best for me anyway)

4 - My best times have been when launching from a concrete surface or prep'd track. Anything else and I get to much wheel spin.

5 - And I didn't start seeing see my absolute best times until I had more than 20k miles each vehicle. (Maybe even 30k)

Here's my best times along with approximate vehicle mileage and air temps when my best runs were made. All runs made on the same "track". :smile2:

I still expect my numbers to improve slightly on my 2019 TH after I get another 15 to 20k miles on the clock and I can catch the right weather conditions.

---------2016SRT----2017SRT----2018TH-- 2019TH

0-60 --------4.0--------- 4.0------- 3.0 ------- 3.1
0-100 -----10.3-------- 10.2------- 7.2-------- 7.4
1/4 t ------12.5 ------- 12.5------ 11.2 ------ 11.2
1/4 s ------108 ---------108 ------122-------- 121


Air temps in f and speeds in mph.
100% stock in all cases.
Always drive safe!

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Good data, no surprises. Allot of folks love to mod their vehicles. The difference in performance when you mod. Pulley, tune, e85, the Trackhawk picks up 200+. Now, the performance difference is crazy!
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