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Crosspost 2014 SRT vs 2018 Trackhawk (1300 miles in first day)

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So i picked up my trackhawk yesterday and started my roadrip back home. So far i already have 1300 miles and i still have 600-700 to go...I was able to do the break-in and get on one drive. I drove my 2014 3000 miles to trade it in and had 77k miles total on it so it was nice to switch one straight to the other. Some of what is listed is probably just a 2018 vs 2014 thing and not trackhawk specific but here are my observations. Here is a comparison on the good/bad/ugly...

Exhaust is awesome...seriously. It kind of reminds me of a Jag F-Type sound that i drove.
The car itself feels like more of a production and "special."
The Looks are great, the blacked out trim adds a lot (both mine were white with black wheels).
The USB ports in the console are a lot faster for loading music and charging phones.
Eco Mode Stays on between starts (good for roadtrips and daily driving)

UConnect (mine gets real hot, not good for a touch screen)
Faster switching between menus
Makes a nice little circle when you touch the screen so you know you hit it.
You can rearrange the order of the apps and menu bar on bottom
Center Console (i ditched the cd player so more space) but also has a 2nd compartment right under lid.
The rear privacy shade feels more substantial, it's metal now.
In the back seats there are nice sturdy handles on the B Pillar to help with getting in (not on roof anymore)
With the new gauge layout with Tach in the middle it does put a small digital speedo in the lower right corner when you are using other menus
FINALLY if you are scrolling through mp3 tracks, it will stay where you last scrolled to to prep your next song rather than going back to the current song 3-4 secs after you stop scrolling.
The transmission is still clunky when slowing or coming to a stop but when accelerating it is smooth and/or snappy depending on how much gas you give her.

The car feels real solid (admitting my 2014 was 5 years old and 77k miles)

The Bad:
I have found a lot of things they changed and i think it was for the sake of the bean counters to make money
Floor mats feel cheaper and not as thick on the carpet and the bottoms dont have rubber stick spikes in the back (i use all weather so no biggie but still)
The bottom silver plastic piece on the steering wheel feels very light and thin (like they used thinner plastic than the old steering wheel)
The rear spare tire cover was REALLY light and particle-board feeling. There are also no longer the metal "rails" on the cover.
There is no longer a little flashlight in the back on the left side above the storage cubby.
I dont like how small the digital speedo is under the tach.
The brakes are there but my brake pedal feels less firm than i would like
Apple Car play basically requires SIRI to be used while driving so its not as nice to use as i thought it would (like for scrolling through music)
There is a 1-2 sec delay from pressing the start button until it does anything or starts, my 2014 was instant.

The Ugly
I tried to take my "SRT Hitch Cover" for the back...since the bumper is redesigned it is not the same shape so now i am stuck with the "blank" cover. At first glance they look the same, and have the same connectors but they are different so its a no-go.
The new shifter is nice and effective but i like the old "digital shifter" That being said the ability to console manually shift is nice.
All of the console buttons have switched to blue lights instead of yellow, they look good but they did bother me on the long trip at night, they are a little bright for my liking. They did move the forward collision avoidance to the Uconnect screen so thats nice that there isnt always a button lit up (but they added the lane departure so basically there is still always a light on, if you have it off).
The rear view mirror is smaller and different shaped and doesnt look as good to me.
My wheel locks transferred over but they stick out a little far from the "black wheels" so it doesnt look quite right
The yellow brakes look a lot worse than the red when they get dirty
The Gas Milage
Driving my 2014, it was east in the US so generally "downhill" but i averaged 18.3.
Driving my TH, it was west so kind of "uphill" but i am averaging 15. That includes some RPM varying during the first 500 miles for the break-in and some spirited highway pulls after the break-in but mostly droning. It seems like 70mph/2k rpm is the cutoff, below that i could get >18 but over that it dropped to 15-16.

So yeah thats pretty much what i have, on new years i will have about 2k miles on the TH. It is obviously a familiar place to be compared to my 2014 but there are lots of subtle changes...The speed is ridiculous and the tranny/exhaust really makes it feel special and brings theater to acceleration. My only concern at this point is that i may need to bleed the brakes or something because i really think the brake pedal should be more firm.
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