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For all of you that read the response on what we do. That was all on the mechanical side of the business but there is more to Livernois Motorsports than just parts and tuning.

We have the best people in the business working with us side by side everyday. To make sure you get the best driving vehicle and the most reliable horsepower without compromising your daily drive ability.

A dedicated Sales Department that takes pride in what we do for our customers. Rest assured when you call into us you will not get a recording that says we are busy leave a message and someone will get back with you. We answer every call everyday. Along with going to trade shows and other customer P.R. events to represent the build and relationship that was built.

Our team of mechanics are here all day Monday thru Friday and if there is a car that needs to be done sooner they will come in on Saturday to complete the task at hand. These guys take pride in there work not only is Livernois Motorsports name on that car but that is there name along with pride and reputation,so they can say I did that build.

Calibration/tuning talk about doing whatever it takes these guys are first in and last to leave and they never stop even when they are not in the building they are at home writing calibration files for the projects at hand and the ones that are in the future. Always staying ahead of the curve.

The list goes on with our CNC department who creates some of the best parts on the planet from our Supercharger pulleys to complete CNC porting on cylinder heads and other great items that are developed everyday.

Our professional team of Engine Builders to make sure you get the best assembled engine with all the correct specs and tolerances for whatever the build is that is for your horsepower.

The Cylinder Head department. Working with any and everything those guys know it all. If there is a cylinder head out there chances are these guys know something about it and have worked on it.

Shipping and recieving,purchasing accounting we have dedicated teams for every department to make sure we are the most efficient company at what we do.Along with provide the best customer service in the industry for our internal and external customers.

Here is a prime example of our customer service this clip includes on of our calibrators with one of our mechanics that flew out to Texas to make sure what we say and do is valid.

Any questions feel free to give me a call
Company line is 313-561-5500 ext 122
Cell # 313-212-0273
Scott Mitchell
Sales Manager @Livernois Motrosports
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