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Bought it from Solis Racing Group - Dodge & Jeep Aftermarket | Trackhawk, Challenger Hellcat Performance Parts Best customer service and great communication. Pictures tell all.

2 things to mention from my install.
1. Nuts included with rings are not the right nuts, see Slight issue for Trackhawk front DBA rotors rings
2. GiroDisc pads, NONE of the pads front or rear have 'squeal tab' or 'wear indicator tab', so check them regularly. This is bad actually. They look like they are Semi-Metallic. I will let you all know about the brake dust.

DBA Rotors
Front (Rings ONLY): DBA 53918.1S
Rear: DBA 42633S

Brake pads (GiroDisc Street Pads)
Front: GPD-6049.18
Rear: MP-0592-WK2

Automotive tire Rim Bicycle part Automotive wheel system Gas

*USED OLD (MIN thickness 34mm)
Body jewelry Badge Gas Jewellery Circle

*HAT is actually high grade ALUMINUM, very light
Blue Automotive tire Manhole Font Gas

White Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Gas

*OLD (These are actually almost new, my rears only have 1k miles on them, I'm actually selling these very cheap if anyone wants them pm me)
Automotive tire Rim Gas Font Circle

Automotive tire Art Gas Font Automotive wheel system

Wheel Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Locking hubs

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
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Do the pads make noise? Also what torque specs did you use for the caliper bolts (front/rear) and the middle pad bolt on the front calipers?
This is what I had found


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