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Delivery items and books?

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Hi All,

Ordered my TH on 8/10 and it was just delivered yesterday, but so far seems worth the wait!

My question is for those who have also received their trucks: What came with yours? My dealer says my truck didn't show up with a window sticker, which I question, but they are ordering a duplicate. However, they also told me the owners manual is all electronic now and you access it through Mopar's site or the U-Connect system in the truck. I find this really hard to believe? I would think a printed owners manual, warranty book, tire warranty book and all of that other stuff that usually comes in a little pouch would be part of this truck. Perhaps even required by law for the warranty stuff?

If you guys can help confirm what should come with a new TH then I can go back to the dealer with that info and hopefully get whatever I should have. I'm one of those dorks who likes to save EVERYTHING that my new cars come with- in fact I went dumpster diving at the dealer yesterday to get what the clean-up guy chucked in the trash!


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mine arrived new years eve -- had all normal documentation including window sticker and tire warrenty -- Uconnect has electronic book in TH which is very good -- I was disappointed the head lights were not directional as they were on the SRT i traded in -- cheap chrysler -- other than that seem very good so far but will report more later
Arrived 12-21 with the pouch, window sticker and trailer brake wire harness in the glove box. Also the little 3 pack of cleaners in the console. Salesperson handed me another bag of cleaners before I left. Haven't opened the manual, prefer the PDF version from Mopar. Uconnect version is limited. 600+ miles and loving it!
Same as above, window sticker, manuals, and cleaner kit.
Just as I suspected. Thanks for the feedback guys! Do the manuals come in the pouch, like the khaki colored one my 2014 came with? And arrowhead you know I was wondering what was wrong with the headlights, that sucks! I loved the directional ones on my 2014 had no idea they'd de-content the 2018 like that. Do any '18's retain the "good" headlights? Bad enough we lose the fog lights on top of it.
A picture from someone showing what "should" come would be good so we can check ours when it comes :)
I picked up mine up on Saturday and it came with the following. Owners manual (Not TH specific) and the pouch for all documentation, window sticker (It was printed not the normal thick window sticker, cleaner kit, and 2 red keys.
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