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Earlier this month, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration filed a recall for around 1,200 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger Hellcat models due to engine oil problems.

Those Hellcat equipped vehicles produced between February 6 and May 30, 2017 may have engine oil cooler lines fitted with weak rubber hose material. It was discovered that the hose did not meet FCA specifications and was liable to break.

If the hose fails, the Hellcat may experience a loss of engine oil and in some cases the oil could be sprayed onto the windshield. This could impair your vision and maybe result in an accident, or worst case scenario the engine could seize and there would be a high risk of fire.

Those with affected vehicles can have the lines replaced for free, but recalls won’t begin until September 22nd. For those interested, the full recall report can be found on NHSTA’s site.

Of course, some may worry that the same weak rubber hose may be found in the Trackhawk’s Hellcat engine, but if that is the case then we should have heard something from the NHSTA by now.
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