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Does the Trackhawk exterior suffice?

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Yes they have made changes to the exterior of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to turn it into a Trackhawk but do you think they did enough? I feel like the exterior could have looked a good bit more aggressive to really set it apart from the SRT. Even the Trackhawk badge doesn't provide that "performance" type of look to it, it just looks like a regular badge that if you didn't read, you would have no idea of it.

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On the fence with what it looks like. Like that it's subtle and sleeperish but kinda do wish it was more aggressive. Really don't like the badge though.
The badge has been the talk for quite a few people, and they're saying that it's way too similar to the Trailhawk emblem, and the Trailhawk emblem does look cooler because it's colored.

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Lol it's not similar. It's exactly the same just a red background and replace the "CK" with "IL" in Track hahaha
A little late to the game on this, but I am on the fence as well. I would like the more aggressive look, but like the fact that it looks close to a regular jeep until they are eating your dust is kind of cool. I do think the badge could have been better.
May be a good idea to even replace it with some sort of other emblem. I would even go as far as to throw the Hellcat logo on there to be honest.
Agreed. Looks like only the trackhawk badge in 1 place, and 1 supercharged on each door. Very subtle. I would have liked more
Agreed. Looks like only the trackhawk badge in 1 place, and 1 supercharged on each door. Very subtle. I would have liked more
Do you think you would be replacing it with a different badge or removing it and putting a custom sticker of some sort?
Something clear like this would be great, especially if you could make it in an actual emblem.

Or even something like this :

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I think that the overall appearance should have been more aggressive and certainly different. A vehicle that has this much power needs to separate its "looks" from base models more then a nose and rear end. Should have some vends in the quarter panels etc -- the Grand Cherokee on the door panels should be obsolete. I give the design a 6 out of 10.
I agree with you completely but then you look at the Hellcats (Both Challenger and Charger), and they essentially under went the same thing. Now we have a Hellcat on steroids (the demon) and the biggest thing you can really see is the over fenders. That's about it lmao.
The only different I think they should have done were certain things unique to this SUV instead of the same old rinse wash repeat fenders.
Its the easiest thing to do too compared to developing components. But of course them being subtle could be in preparation for a higher trim Trackhawk.
As it is looking at the Demon, I'm pretty sure we're all anticipating that to come out eventually too. Give it a say a year or so and once the hype for the Trackhawk dies, it should come through.

That being said though, even looking at the Demon... not much difference compared to Hellcat or even a regular SRT. Seems like they're playing on the subtle changes and "sleeper" type of look with it. Not too sure if that's what majority of their client base wants though?
I guess it's what keeps the overall costs down and the primary focus of it is the powerplant. Would obviously be appreciated to have it noticeably different so we could feel a bit more special about it but I guess we'll just have to make the differences ourselves with the available and probably more soon-coming kits for it.
When I get my TrackHawk, I intend to debadge it. To much writing and the Trawkhawk logo looks like garbage.

Mr. Hawk.
Lucky for you there really aren't that many badges haha. But that is a sure way to keep it real sleeper as nobody would assume anything with no badges on it.

Will you be doing it yourself or taking it to someone to get done?
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