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I just wanted to mention an easy and quick fix for the issue I see many who have had in regards to changing oil in Engine Oil Cooler. Something I’ve been doing for the past 15+years with my Vettes, ZR1, etc.
Fortunately for me I have a few friends at Chrysler and a friend who owns a small quick oil change shop. So I do get a decent price on the oil and oil change.
I will do this once every 3-4 oil changes:
Buy enough oil for 2 oil changes/ buy your own oil filter(I prefer mobile 1 filters).
Speak with an owner or manager of a quick oil change shop and see what he will charge if you have your own oil and filter.
Again, only need to do this every 3-4 oil changes.
*Have them drain the oil “leaving on the old filter” give it a few extra minutes to let it completely drain.
*Fill with new oil “minus 1 quart”, with the old oil still in old filter.(filter holds approximately half quart)
*Start engine, let run for several minutes to warm and cycle through entire engine, oil cooler, etc.(make sure oil pressure is normal)
*Now drain oil again and do a complete oil change with new filter.
Your oil should now be so clean that it should be difficult to see it on the dipstick.
I feel it’s worth the extra cost performing this type of oil change “Flush” periodically for my high performance vehicles.
(Than again I get it done for a discounted cost) Just thought I’d mention what I do, You’ll have to decide if you feel it’s worth it for you.
‘Gotta like clean oil and fluids’
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