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FCA Brands Rank Last in Consumer Reports 'Best Cars' Rankings

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At the top of the list are Audi, Subaru and Lexus, and the bottom six brands contain four FCA brands. The list is Consumer Reports latest 'Best Cars' rankings.

On top of that, Consumer Reports does not recommend a single tested model from Jeep or Fiat.

"We respect Consumer Reports' opinion, as they're one of the many third-party evaluators we receive comments from," FCA quality VP Matt Liddane said in a statement. "With that being said, we encourage customers to experience our vehicles for themselves. We continue to aggressively pursue both product and launch-quality improvements as they are top priorities for the Company and our internal measurements are showing progress."
It sounds to me that FCA is telling customers to experience the problems for themselves. Sounds like fun.
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i'm not surprised one bit, even just from dealership experience alone I noticed a lot of people complaining, meanwhile japanese car dealers excel in this one area among others.
The study is about the cars, not the dealership experience, but the fact that both are bad just doubles down on the idea.
It does.

What might help if they have new leaders in the brand, someone maybe from a past that resonates with what FCA needs to do. But there's no telling if/when that will happen.
Jeep has never been more successful, strangely enough.

It does seem unreasonable the level of issues people have with the vehicles though. Every other company is able to do better. not perfect, but better.
I think even if Jeep happens to fall in this area they might still be in the clear with sales since they do offer a unique line of vehicles in the market and when that happens... things like this don`t effect it that much.
Depends how much research the average buyer does before they go to the dealer. If they just decide that they like Jeeps and then go into the dealer, these quality scores aren't going to sway people much one way or the other.
People that own Jeeps tend to be more involved in the information out there so there's a good chance those that go the Jeep route are more informed than someone who buys a Discovery Sport or something along those lines.
Jeep has a very loyal following who does not care if the car has problems. They're pretty aware of the problems Jeep vehicles has but they still want one and so do I. Not sure about the other FCA brands as they don't instill the same loyalty as Jeep but this shouldn't affect Jeep overly much.
I think people really buy into the Jeep brand as opposed to other brands of vehicles that people may be buying for less emotional reasons. I don't think people are buying Toyotas because they love Toyota's brand. I also think that if Honda started to have terrible quality in their vehicles, people would be far more upset and would move away from the Honda brand.
I don't think you get it, it comes down to the type of vehicle and it just so happens Jeeps, just about right across the line attract that passion. You can't look at Toyota and say "I don't think people are buying Toyotas because they love Toyota's brand" you have to talk about WHICH Toyota, unless you have a poor understanding of what their line up consistent of.
But I think that the Jeep brand loyalty extends to all models. Some more than others though. With Toyota, I don't think the passion is a factor with all of the models in the lineup. The Prius has a strong Toyota connection. most of them feel pretty generic though. The Supra might be another example.
My point proven. It goes much deeper than the Prius; you have the FR-S, Tacoma, Tundra and Land Cruiser.
I just didn't think that those models are particularly passion infused. The Tundra isn't a great seller, neither is the Tacoma. The Land Cruiser also doesn't speak to me really.
This discussion is not about what YOU like or about sales, we're talking about passion and those vehicles have it. Do your research and you'll see, its very obvious.
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