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Figured I'd expand a bit on the trip to the coast that I took this week that I originally posted here: What's your normal MPG and Miles Per Tank?

I just got back from a 2600 KM trip to the coast (~1600 miles) and got a 13.7 L/100 (~17.2 MPG). Most of the time I was cruising at about 120 KM/h (~75 mph) in the mountains so I figure that's pretty good for a 2020 Trackhawk with under 5000 KM (3000 mi).
Unit is still stock except for tint, film, and ceramic paint protection.

Started off the trip with a full tank of 94 octane fuel and drove through the night. First thing I noticed was the lack of proper high-beam lights for a vehicle capable of this kind of performance- definitely on the list of things to upgrade and soon!

Speaking of high-beams, the automatic high/low is alright... until a big bug splattered over the camera (I'm assuming that the high-mounted camera in behind the rear-view mirror is what detects oncoming traffic.

I've seen it posted here before and tend to agree: the vented seats could be cooler. I've owned Mercedes Benz and BMW and with both of those vehicles I'd only use the "high" setting on the warmest days whereas the high setting on the 'Hawk provides mild cooling at best. Seats are very comfortable but could use more bolster / active bolsters for aggressive driving.

Temperatures at night were fairly cool for a Canadian Summer and all systems seemed to have no problem keeping up. During the day temperatures were in the low 30s (Celsius) or mid-to high 80s and again, no concerns with any systems whatsoever.

3-season tires ate up the pavement without any issues and carved the mountain corners with no problems at all. After years of driving performance vehicles, Michelin is my preferred brand but so far I'm pleased with the performance of these Pirellis.

I had one small problem with the sunroof when I had it open on "vent" where it wouldn't close until I slowed down to under 70mph. Kinda strange but it seemed to fix itself.

Performance was fantastic from 4600 feet to sea-level and back again and there didn't seem to be a ton of difference between altitudes, although I wasn't pulling 0-60 launches along the way. Drove most of the way in Auto mode with Eco on but there were a few places where I put my faith in the Escort 360c and dropped into Sport mode to play.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Trackhawk so far and am looking forward to taking it out for some more fun soon!
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