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Curiosity time...Does anyone know what the part/sensor that is highlighted in the pics are?

Reason I ask:

- I just finished 5k road trip and noticed what seems like a bad shock/strut on the driver side front. It is eerily similar to when my SRT Challenger blew a shock (it exploded fluid all over the wheel well). I don't have the fluid everywhere but the driver side suspension seem off when going over bumps and coming to stop. You can feel it like the tire is not quite on the road solid and bouncier.

Soooo....I noticed there is a difference between the front driver side and front passenger side. Take a look at the highlighted pics and let me know what are the parts/sensor on the passenger side (that are not on the driver side). Can some go look at their driver side and let me know if its supposed to be different from the passenger side??




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