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I can 1000% confirm this. I just tried it in my Trackhawk.

You can put DPST/DPDT swtich on the RED wire on the Start/Stop button.

I just removed the RED wire from the plug and tried to start it, it won't start. I tried to start it (doesn't start), it locks the car and unlocks the car, alarm doesn't go off when you lock/unlock, and NO CODES whatsoever when I reconnected the RED wire and started the car.

Furthermore, I tried to remote start the car, it starts, BUT, once you put your foot on the brake pedal, it automatically shuts off, because that constant is not there.

I can 100% safely say you can use Start/Stop button to put a switch on it. Again, be careful this is constant 12v, make sure battery is off before doing any work with it.

If you're still have any doubts at all, unplug RED wired from that plug and try it yourself, but make sure nothing touches that RED wire, I can't stress this enough.

WARNING: Please use at your own discretion.

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This works 100%
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