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Hi all,

I found this site searching around for Trackhawk news and figured it's a great place to hang out. If the price is right, which I hope it is and the dealers don't f it up by jacking the price...I will own one >:)

I got to drive my brother-n-laws 470HP SRT8 in Germany for ~2 weeks last summer and fell in love. I still can't believe how well that thing handles for a brick! My true love is an E63 AMG wagon, but I could live with a 707HP SUV.

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Around what price are you expecting the Trackhawk to be once it comes out?

My guess is with the demand this thing will have, we could see mark up's in line with the Hellcat where ever there was markups.

So far I've seen ~$80K which doesn't seem unreasonable, I guess it depends on how much $ it took to sort out the drive train. LOL! I could manage that as long as they don't slap premiums on them, which I agree with you may very well happen if demand is high. If so, I may have to settle for a "regular" SRT...uh, I mean Trackhawk. ;)
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Good point about the drivetrain. But i'm starting to think that's a cost they should look into absorbing themselves instead of passing onto the consumer especially with how this product will benefit the brand through image and the trick-down effect that happens to more mainstream GC models.
I would be ok with about $80k. With what some other high end performance SUVs are costing, that seems pretty reasonable.
Yeah I wouldn't mind that either. Guessing I might dump $20k into aftermarket so $100k out the door for something super potent and customized to my liking sounds good to me.
What are you anticipating buying after market that is going to cost you upwards of $20k?
Performance, exterior aero, wheels, it all adds up quickly
I think the dealer markup depends on how limited the quantities are. The Trackhawk will already be expensive so I'm not sure that the demand will be crazy enough to warrant huge markups.
I don't know... the german brands do well with their higher end SUV's packed with performance. This is one with performance just as good priced much cheaper and without as many headaches to worry about. These should get scooped up fast.
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