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Hear that Whine!

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If there's any video that will let you hear the Trackhawk's 707-hp powerplant in a number of different situations, this video will be it. From (legal) city driving speeds to full throttle on the track, lots to pick up here.

Enjoy :grin2:

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Drop a downsized pulley and that thing will be whining a heck of a lot more!! Can't wait!
Speaking of whine... I wonder how easy it'll be to take the supercharger from the Dodge Demon and put it onto the Trackhawk... I wonder if there will be a need for internal upgrades.
I would essentially look at the Demon bottom end and see. They didn't change the heads, but everything else got bumped up so it would be a good idea. It also helps to look at other builds and see how you could achieve the same power elsewhere
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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