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That FCA intends to stuff their Hellcat engine into the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is perhaps one of the industries worst kept secrets.

That secret became semi official this week after reports came from FCA dealer meetings in Las Vegas that not only had the peddlers seen the goods but were shocked into silence at its sub 4 second 0-60 time. We remind you this is a truck that shares some of its skeleton with the Mercedes M-Class, nimble it is not.

News coming out of the Allpar forums indicates that not only was a Hellcat Trackhawk present, but it was actually started and the sound made ears bleed.

No pictures were allowed, all phones were confiscated, so instead we present an artists rendering of the Hellcat Trackhawk.

Both Jeep and Sergio Marchionne are on record that they want Jeep to compete in the upper echelons of the SUV market. They have their sights firmly set on the BMW X5 M, Mercedes GLE 63, Porsche Cayenne Turbos and the Range Rover SVR.

We feel that the styling in these renderings is perhaps a bit too toy car for the calibre of clientele Jeep wants to chase. Pare down the gimmicky looking ground effects, don't plaster it with badges and give it a thoroughly tasteful interior. Jeep you don't need to build a race car.

Availability still remains up in the air. It's believed that Jeep wants to produce a smaller, Renegade Trackhawk first, but then again Jeep didn't bring a Renegade Trackhawk prototype to Las Vegas now did they.

Stay tuned sports fans...
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