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Hellcat Jeep Spotted !

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Seems to be that someone has already taken ownership of a Hellcat powered Jeep GC and it lives in Florida ;)

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It's about time it started to show up but this might just be right from Jeep and not a owner. Sometimes car makers do this and it's not surprising to see. Too bad there weren't any more photos. Seems staged to me.
This is just a regular Jeep GC that someone put the badge on... the badge isn't supposed to go there :| Very troll LOL
I did hope that everyone would have gotten that. But I do see how it can be very misleading. But the hellcat logo wouldn't be positioned there at all.
Good point, the hellcat badge is usually around the front fender area closer to where it meets the door. I think that would have been better played lol.
Most definitely. It would have had automotive reviews bouncing off of the walls ! Someone really needs to do this ahah
Hmm.. well too late to do anything now, we've already gotten the naked spy shots of it soooo let the anxiety begin friends
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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