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Hello all

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I got my 06 GC SRT in the summer of 2006 and have enjoyed every minute of it since then. A couple years ago I added a Southern Hot Rod transmission and turbocharged it. Right now it's at the performance shop getting the engine built, a new cam, headers and a larger turbo.
I also have my name on a list at 3 different dealerships hoping to get my hands on a new Trackhawk. It's gonna be fun.
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Welcome to the forum ! That sounds like a beast of an SRT ! Whats your expected power output by the time you're done ? Do you plan on sticking AWD or converting it to RWD solely ?
Might be hard to let go of that GC come time for the Trackhawk to release but at least your time leading up to its release will be nothing but fun!

In for seeing the details of your build if you want to post it here (or link to where its right now)

Welcome to the forum.
Ahh the 06 GC SRT, How I used to long for one of those for so long ! I actually love that body style so much
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