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Hello from France

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got mine one month ago.

Just had to pay for some french "accessories" :
- Custom taxes,
- VA Tax
- Carbon Tax,
- High power Engines Tax (we created this one a few months ago),
- Grey card tax.

Kept my first love, a Z28...

Paris west suburb.
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bonjour Mac bienvenue sur le forum. Amusez-vous et amusez-vous en France avec votre TH.

Cheers from Texas ya’ll. :grin2:
Welcome to the forum.

Love all of those taxes! I guess free healthcare isn't free after all!
What's happening in France (and other places) regarding gasoline cars is a harbinger of what can (will?) happen here.
Enjoy this power rush while we can.
I hope for you it will never be the same in USA...

At the last US$ / € rate (€ = $1.15), gas was today exactly at $6,81 / USG at my local dealer (discount price)
It reaches $7,90 on some motorways.

Yes ; we also have "a few" taxes on gas...

BTW, thanks to Vakoo for answering me in french.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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