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I have had my TH since December 21st. I bought it in Ohio and drove it to south Florida with no problems of any kind, except the glove box would not stay closed on the left side. I took it in at around 3000 miles and that got fixed. I also reported the inter cooler was reporting low fluid. The dealer said it was a lose cap. Now I am 8700 or so miles and the inter cooler low notice is back on, checked and it is empty on a Friday afternoon. Since there are no books for the car, I was not sure what to put in so a went to the dealer and bought a gallon of concentrate, since they knew. I also told my service rep that I would be back Monday to get it fixed. Filled it after parking it for the night and letting it cool. Next morning, without even starting the engine, the purple stuff is real easy to see on the floor, ALL of it. So the TH stayed parked until Monday, June 25th when I took it in to a local dealer. It's July 5th, still no fixed TH. Nice rental car program but a Dodge van is not a TH. That is a LONG time to change a hose. Maybe they make these hoses to order in China?
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