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It’s like the QC department isn’t even trying

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I opened the right rear door and I noticed something drop to the ground. It was a chip of paint. I probably should’ve noticed this sooner but I never use that door.


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That’s really bad. I’d think you’d at least notice the damage to the outside of it upon delivery. Does the door close properly? Cause it kind of looks like it wasn’t aligned properly and closed, then chipped.

I think we can all agree that there wasn’t any quality control on these vehicles, they were just blowing smoke up our /\sses.
Well, I definitely missed that it was touching right there when the door is closed. I guess I was looking at the door gaps and didn’t notice the trim part. The paint is only missing where it touches so it can be seen unless the door is open. Guess they have some more warranty work to do.
Good luck getting Jeep to cover this under warranty. I think that’s a long shot since it’s not new, and could easily be passed off as damage done after you took possession. Keep us posted.
I don’t think it should be a problem. You can clearly see it’s caused by the panels rubbing, aligned from the factory. Just need to adjust the panel and add a little paint. No biggie, I’m trying to get them to replace the dash due to defects in the leather. It’s just another defect from the factory but the dealership wouldn’t do it so got jeep involved. We shall see.
QC is a joke. There is just no comparison to Euro cars that cost around the same.
No offense, but euro cars are no better from a quality standpoint. Yes the fit and finish might be better, but Mercedes and BMW are plagued with electrical and mechanical issues. I have owned several AMG products and between the airmatic and ABC suspension systems, coil packs, motor mounts and countless sensors resulting in thousands in dollars worth of repairs I am more than happy to accept a few paint imperfections. Don't forget all the A and B service intervals at your local Benz dealer to basically change the oil and perform "visual inspections" for a poke you in the rear $1000 bill and depreciation that is absolutely staggering after 4-years of ownership. Other than tires, brake pads and some fluid changes you are good to go for 100K miles. Add up all the costs and the only reason anyone would purchase the euro cars is for the status of the make not the actual value or content of the vehicle.
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