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Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat May Feature State-Of-The-Art Aerodynamics

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Expect some serious aerodynamics

Although the Trackhawk may not be a production reality, rumours said it might actually include a 707 horsepower into the Jeep, making it capable of being a high-performance car.

One of the pros of the Hellcat-powered Dodge Challenger and Charger over the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is that the former doesn’t have the same cooling issues as the supercharger GM LT4. Chrysler managed to design a cooling system in which it allows the supercharger Hemi to make all 707 horsepower for long periods of time.

However, the Corvette Z06 features a safety measure that cuts down power when the engine reaches higher engine temperatures.

The downside to this Jeep is balancing the aerodynamics and cooling air flow. Chrysler engineers detected a problem while working to improve the aerodynamic properties of the SUV, and because of that, the cooling system became an issue. In order to build an active aerodynamics system, it would be a very time-consuming process. If they manage to create that, aero properties during high performance driving would be improved.

The Active Aero System Detailed

The active aero system includes an air dam and a set of flaps within the air dam, in order to provide cooling air when the air dam is in its full position. This aero system allows improved aerodynamics with its large air dam, while the smaller flaps (usually deployed at high speeds) would allow air ventilation into the engine bay. The aero properties could also decrease, when there is a need for more cooling air.

Where Will This System Be Used?

This will inevitably improve aero properties when driving through open roads, allowing one of the most fuel-friendly trucks to get even better MPGs.

Accordingly, this system would also have a bigger impact on an already high-performance Jeep, especially one with increased engine cooling and aero properties. When the speed increases over the 100mph mark, the air dam could extend to reduce the airflow into the engine bay. At this point, secondary flaps will open in order to allow the engine to operate in comfortable temperatures and to have better aerodynamic flow.

Although these may all just seem like speculations and rumours, this system would be a great big step for Jeep Trackhawk to become a production reality.
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Are they talking about this air dam? Not really sure how that would improve aerodynamics as I thought it was associated with the airflow over the car.
Pretty sure its the air dam that we had spoken about in the other thread.
I also wouldn't mind some active aero!

But that might be pushing things a bit too far for them, although it's part of a number of things that will really make it stand out.
The Hellcat-powered Dodge Challenger didn't have any cooling problems and they didn't use the air dam. What did they use and will it be transferred over to the Trackhawk?
Cherokee being a bigger vehicle might allow them to do more with cooling since they'll have space and not as much of a weight restriction to work within.
I also wouldn't mind some active aero!

But that might be pushing things a bit too far for them, although it's part of a number of things that will really make it stand out.
It's already been patented so it's only a matter of time before Jeep deploys them in their newer models. They still have time to add the Active Aero. Think it's coming out next year right?
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Next year is what's believed to be the expected release, might be too soon to drop active aero, I think at this point we just need to see indicators of that happening. Seeing it on some spied test mule will help ;)
I was going to suggest that it could make an appearance on the Wrangler JL but it doesn't seem like something that would be implemented onto Wranglers.
Wrangler is more of an off road toy anyways. Still would be interesting to see it happen. Worse case scenario is some small company take on the task and sell it as an aftermarket package. I would be up for that.
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