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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Pickup

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I actually think this is pretty cool. But I would want a regular GC Trackhawk and a GC Trackhawk Pickup side-by-side. This looks like something that would be production already, very clean, the lines work, it's seamless and looks normal.

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Doesn't seem like the link wants to embed. But anyhow, it does look good, and I think that's something they could actually produce and make money off of. The pickup market in NA is booming, has been booming, it's great. I think it would fair very well. That being said, It would be very different than your regular F-series and Ram1500, etc. Which could pose to be a good thing. However, with the Wrangler pickup coming out soon, it may not be a smart decision to bring em' both out.

Of course this is a rendering, but IF..
Best thing for Jeep to do if they want to kick it up a notch is to offer a trim that has some level of luxury going on. Can't be hard to do that and do it incrementally. With the luxury SUV/Truck segment growing it just shows how strong the market is out there. Jeep can do it.
I highly doubt we'll be seeing a trackhawk pickup anytime soon as Jeep is coming out with the Wrangler based pickup first. A Hellcat powered pickup would be great in straight lines but if it's based on the Trackhawk, then it'll probably be good for "track" only.
It'll be a pickup that you can use on the 1/4 along with daily street driving. I can't imagine throwing a trackhawk pickup on a circuit of any sort lol. But you're right, we won't be seeing it for a long time anyhow if it even comes to light.
I think most people would just get a RAM and usually people who want this level of more take it up a notch with aftermarket bits and pieces. Undoubtedly RAM's have a wealth of aftermarket going on.

If I was to get a RAM, the new 1500 Rebel would be it!
Now that's what I call a solution.

Going WOT sounds amazing from the cabin, like in this video he posted:

Boost pressure looked a lot lower than I would have expected it but those are probably the issues he's trying to trouble shoot I presume?
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