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We caught a glimpse of the Jeep Hellcat Grand Cherokee in action in January and now we have more than a video taken at a distance, we have spy shots.

recently uploaded a few spy shots of the new Jeep Hellcat Grand Cherokee with just the bumper camouflaged and it looks like a Grand Cherokee SRT with similar proportions and lines. Since the bumper is still covered, we can safely assume that the design has been tweaked in some way or it could have some kind of clue to indicate that the 6.2-liter, supercharged V8.

From the close up shot, you can see that there’s a horizontal bar with an opening under the upper grille. It could be an air intake system of some kind but with it, there doesn’t seem to be much space left for the iconic Jeep vertical grille design. There’s also a bit of tape on the front wheel arches. The tape could mean something or it could just be there to hold the camouflage up.

Besides that, the rest of the vehicle looks almost identical to the Grand Cherokee SRT. The exhaust pipes look to be about the same size, roofline and proportions look similar, even the bonnet looks like it hasn’t been updated. Since there aren’t any changes, Jeep probably didn’t see a need to cover those areas up.

We’re expecting the Hellcat Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to arrive sometime in 2017 so we may not see it fully uncovered until next year.
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