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Jeep Trackhawk Could Be Available In Australia

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Hopefully this means that a few more international member will be joining us here.

American SUV specialist Jeep is rumoured to be working on a ballistic version of its Grand Cherokee, powered by a bonkers 527kW, 880Nm supercharged V8 engine. And it's the sort of SUV that Australians would certainly be interested in.
Andrew Chesterton, FCA Australia's communications and media strategist refused to confirm reports that the Trackhawk has been green-lit for production but observed that a beefier version of its largest SUV could be a viable addition to the range.

"The Grand Cherokee SRT has always been a very popular car in Australia, so there's no reason to suggest a more powerful version wouldn't be of interest," he said.
It's not a definite yes but the idea hasn't been rejected either.
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Australian executives from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' (FCA), the company that imports all Jeep and Chrysler models into this country, said they had no knowledge of the tyre-shredding SUV.

But they did concede that such a vehicle would work well in the Australian new car marketplace.
I wouldn't put to much weight in this. The article itself says that the Aussie execs have "no knowledge" of it.

I am betting that these TrackHawk models are primarily being made for US consumers.
I wouldn't put to much weight in this. The article itself says that the Aussie execs have "no knowledge" of it.

I am betting that these TrackHawk models are primarily being made for US consumers.
I don't know... Aussie execs aren't exactly at the bleeding edge of product development... besides even if they did know something you think they're going to risk their career for some presstitute? ;)

I think the Trackhawk would fly extremely well in Aus... this was after all one of the last bastions of the V8 RWD family sedan...
And we know how much aussies love their V8's, aussie gear heads are just as passionate about V8's as americans are... or more.
Dunno if im the first Auusie to join this group or not.

But I can assure you 'Mericans we love the SRT Jeep here. It sells for a minimum $50k AUD less than the Euros (and smashes nearly all of them for power).

The Trackhawk will sell here no problem at all. But if it gets into the $150k AUD price range it might sell 10 compared to selling 100 of them at $100k AUD. The head of FCA AU has already told FCA US we want them, so yes they do know, but aren't saying. But as usual the bean counters have to have their say first. Plus we have a "government" that isn't really car friendly and might baulk at 707hp in a 2.5T SUV.

For those of you Americans that don't know, our domestic built V8's cease production in 2018 with the Holden (or Chev to you).
Oh I bet. I know some aussies and spent some time on commodore forums and know that aussies love power, love it enough to justify Jeep to make moves like that, it will be a big mistake if they don't go forward with that.

Aussies and Americans have similar taste in vehicles.
$150k range for the TrackHawk? How much is stuff marked up over there?
I think that's up to part with the Audi Q7, a price that probably is right in line with what's reasonable for the market, ultimately that's what Jeep is going to want.
Ohhh, the price makes more sense when I convert it to USD. It'll be around 72209.00 USD if they price it at 100k.
That sounds just about right, even if it hits the mid $75k-80k range I doubt folks will have a problem with that, so that could be something they aim for, something we should learn more about as more information comes to light.... who knows how much longer that's going to take.
We estimated as much somewhere on the forum.
Might help to start accounting for possible mark ups, just not sure how much they could be... $2000? $3000?
Heard that some dealership marked up a Focus RS 15k more than the MSRP. I can only imagine what it'll be for a limited production hellcat.
Who would pay for a 15k markup?
Someone who really wants it in Australia?
They'll probably leave it at around $100k AUD to sell more units.
100k AUD is around 70495.00 USD. So if the estuimated price was converted, it would be around 113483.23 in AUD which is still close to DCRSRT's suggested price range.
How much of a markup is everyone willing to pay for the Hellcat version?
For now i'm going to say $5000, but depending on how much I like the final product and what it's like in comparison to other options out there... I might be willing to push for more.
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