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Jeep Trackhawk May Be Able To Tow

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As the name suggests, the Hellcat powered Jeep Trackhawk will excel at the track, but the vehicle may be more utilitarian than we originally thought. A test mule was spotted by thejeep_guy, with what could be a towing hitch assembly.

Of course, this should come as no surprise seeing as how Jeep is in the business of producing vehicles that is both practical and performance orientated be it on or off-road.

In this case, it’s the 6.2-litre V8 powered Trackhawk that can potentially crank out 707hp and 650lb-ft of torque. Those are the Challenger and Charger numbers, so what the supercharged Trackhawk produces may differ. All that power will probably be sent to the wheels via an AWD system and 8-speed automatic transmission.

We’re expecting it to debut at the 2017 New York Auto Show taking place next month, but before then we have spy shots of the Trackhawk’s rear fresh off of Instagram. The picture may be blurry, but you should be able to see a black piece sticking out of the rear bumper and TorqueNews thinks it could be a Class IV trailer hitch with a dual-unit trailer harness plug.

Depending on the tow rating, the Jeep Trackhawk could prove to be the “ultimate sport utility vehicle”.
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It's still a Jeep at the end of the day and I can guarantee it'll be able to tow. There's no way they would skip out on that.
Agreed. The trackhawk may be designed to tear down a race track, but it'll still need to function as a practical vehicle that hauls whatever a family needs to bring. Have to live up to that Jeep name.
I don't know who would think that the Jeep Trackhawk wouldn't be as "utilitarian". If you did, you really have no idea what a Jeep is about and that's pretty evident.
I would just be concerned about the load this will put on the transmission, but some of that comes down to how you drive, if you're smooth with getting off the line and how well you stay within the suggested tow weight range.

Easiest thing to do is see how much the current GC SRT tows ;)
7200 lbs

7200 lbs
Well that solves that! That's more than enough to haul the old boat around haha
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