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Hi All -

Recently installed the JLT CAI and GTHaus exhaust on my 2020 Trackhawk. Overall, the CAI is an easy swap (online videos were very straightforward) with the biggest difference being increased supercharger whine. I/m in Texas and haven't noticed any major differences in temperatures before and after, however, we are yet to have any hot days. If anything, they may run a little lower but it's still two early to tell.

A few weeks after the JLT CAI was installed, I purchased the GTHaus exhaust with vacuum controlled (V.C.) valves. Quality and fitment are stellar. I personally went with the chrome tips, however, I may go back to stock (they're an easy swap). Prior to purchasing, I read a few threads about the sound level. With the valves closed, it's more throaty than stock, especially in the lower RPM ranges. With the valves open (easily opened and closed via remote which I connected to HomeLink), you're waking up the neighbors on a Sunday morning. Personally, this is what I was looking for - the best of both worlds - increased low range sound with the option to make it scream. A few pictures and a vid for enjoyment.

More parts on order (a few cosmetic) and am starting to look into suspension setups. Appears as though many have gone with Eibach + bwoody kits (either the alignment or full suspension kits) - is anyone running full air on here?



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