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Launch control

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Short but cool video

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Excellent! Under promise and over deliver.
This is insanity that an SUV can do this!!! And for under 100k too!!!
Beat those number on my few first runs. 0-60 in 3.1 and the 1/4 in 11.5 at 119.
Car-Guy, those are great numbers. What's the temperature/elevation where you made them?
About 200' above sea level and upper 30's (f). As I've said in other posts (or other boards) I'm sure I can beat those numbers. I need to be down to 1/4 tank of gas, mid to upper 20's (f) and launch from a concrete section of road.

Note the 1/8 mph reading is incorrect on the attached picture.


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Did you use launch control? That video makes it look easy, but mine won't work no matter what I try.
Are you getting your breaks and tires hot enough to hold? I always get my car up to like 60mph... and then brake pretty hard... That gets heat in my tires and breaks.... Than i launch... Works much better.. I get 3.2 all day long laucnhing at 1600 rpm.... Less is more...
my best 3.1,11.3 at 122 mph ,30 deg temp 1/4 tank fuel, power brake 2000 rpm, 1.48 60 ft
i used all track except street susp the softer shocks transfer better
Agreed on Track setting for all but the shocks. That's how I drive it daily. Comfortable and quick.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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