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I’ve been absent here and very busy on the hawk. I didn’t want to post anything until I felt I was done or at least near completion. This thing feels NOTHING like it did stock. The power is nuts.

after a dyno it came in at 844 crank horsepower.

Here’s what I’ve done.

  • 2.85” upper pulley from Metco (gates 59.4 inch green belt)
  • Ripatune lower incognito pulley
  • Ripatune 108mm ported snout (stock TB)
  • Bwoody CAI
  • PCM ordered from mopar, sent to HP and tuned locally to me
  • Nitto NT555RII (for the rears. Kept the stock pirellis on the front for now)
  • JLT catch can (just ordered a matching yellow one from billet)
  • Racemesh grill
  • Black ops front splitter
  • Black ops demon hood
  • Black ops rear mid spoiler
  • Black ops rear hatch delete
  • Weld Ventura beadlocks 20” rear (gonna get 17s soon)
  • Weld Ventura 20” front
  • Billet technology engine dressings (still waiting on the fuse box cover
  • Headlights and taillights (and every other light) tint wrapped. Probably going to get them sprayed as the film is already bubbling and peeling in areas
  • Gloss black grill rings
  • Carbon fiber fender guards from CarbonGuards (Instagram)
  • Hand painted the yellow on the fuel rail covers (been waiting a year for the custom covers I bought)
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Looks Great
Time for some Mopar lowering springs


Lowered Mopar Springs

I also have the Sarona side skirts and Husky Summit Mudflaps

Thanks! I actually have the eibach pro kit installed. But I’m gonna bag it I think.
I’ve been kicking the side skirts around for months now and will likely do that as well.

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Nice mods and looks aggressive, bet it gets attention around town for sure. 👍

Did you pin the crank pulley? Highly recommended to do so if not.

Nice bump in horse power that would be noticeable for sure. You got the wheels to handle it, so If you have E85 available you can swap the lower for an IW 9% or ATI 10% overdrive crank pulley with the same 2.85 upper for more boost that would make your Hawk feel like a whole different beast than you have now with another 175ish crank hp 😳😃

Would also need a set of ID1300X injectors to handle the E85 fuel requirements and recommend a KB Dual BAP for insurance purposes.
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