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Mtcs drag build journey

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Well I've come over to the dark side.
For the last 15 years I have been into the Mitsubishi and Subaru 4-cylinder platforms. Particularly into the 1/4 mile world.
Last year I sold my daily 4-door red wranger and decided to get into a newer style V6 GC.
Love the car. Extremely comfortable but huge lack of power to be sure.

Earlier this year decided to look into maybe picking up a trackhawk. Went tot the dealer, price was right and signed on the dotted line.
June 19th finally picked her up at the dealer.
Well worth the wait.


Plan is to have some fun down the quarter mile.
Decided to right away instal the JLT catch can and 2 days later the JLT intake.
What a difference the intake makes. Amazing sounds...

Over this past weekend I hit 500 miles and started having a little more fun.

Fortunately, when I placed my TH order I decided to start collecting parts. The EPA new regulations do have me worried. So best to pickup the parts now then to wait a little while before installing.

So for the time being I picked up the intake, catch can, upper/lower pullies, injectors, HP tuners MPVI2, Fuelmax booster, Kooks headers, catless connection pipes and set of gently used Weld S76 beadlock rears and runners. Had an opportunity to pickup the a used Ripa cog setup for a great price for the future.
Good start for sure especially on pump gas for now.

Stay tuned for more updates.
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Good way to end the race season.
Stopped by the track today to make a few passes. Best of the day was [email protected]
Lots of changes planned come winter.
Will post up the progress.

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2 goes my spare to Paramount to be built over winter. Always good to do the preventative things.
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Plans seem to always change for the best..

Couldn't let this one slip away.

Local brand new in the box 2.7 Redeye blower picked up over the weekend

Few more surprises for 2023 in the works including ID1300s, Ignite Red E85 and the beginnings of a 411

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Sounds like it’s gonna be nasty
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Slowly making my way to the finish line.
Next up is start planning for my 411 build

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Slowly getting there. Since it's xmas not easy getting a second set of hands so used the engine hoist instead.

Still need to assemble the fuel lines but should be able to drop in the 2.7 over the weekend.

Starting to get interesting..

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Like a glove..
Few last things to button up

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I’m getting excited to see what this thing puts down.
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I’m getting excited to see what this thing puts down.
Slowly getting there. Little at a time.
Got a killer deal on a Fore L4 triple pump kit.
Early but will probably sit in my garage for a little before I really need it.

Have to start focusing on the 411 motor build parts and Sipple transmission.
Two of the most important parts of the build but the most expensive unfortunately.
Couldn't wait...let the install begin.
Lil Hemi has good advise to pass on the boost-a-pump if possible. Better safe than sorry. 3x274 pumps should be more than enough for E90 on the 2.7 blower.

Also got in the Might Mouse Wild -12an catch can. Setup in conjunction with the Manton billet valve covers.

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Good starting point...
BGE bare block

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Few more parts arrived.
Just waiting for the Winberg crank to arrive as well as the MMX heads and 625 head studs in 2 weeks.

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Dropped the bare block at the machine shop with pistons, rods and crank. Just the waiting game now.

Stock motor and transmission for now.

Finished installing the triple pump Fore kit and brought it to my tuner. Tuned for Ignite Red E90.

First run at the track ran PB of [email protected] with a sloppy 1.5 60ft.
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2nd pass managed a 1.4 60ft but grenaded my driveshaft. Went back to oem driveshaft as everyone says it's plenty strong.
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Slowly but surely going for 9s.

Before heading back to the track need to replace my starter. It's slowly dying. Battery has been tested and is good.

More updates to come soon.
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I hope you put a hydromat on that fuel pump if you ever drive it on the regular
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