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Hello. Have a '18 and have been lurking forums for last few years. Spent the last few years under warranty with a DD and refusing mods. The last few years been dumping money into a '64 Lincoln rebuild. Time to shift to the trackhawk. Last vehicle that i put performance mods on was my supercharged JK a decade ago. Drive the TH and a Gladiator currently. Started this road with a CJ and the bought the original performance jeep the 5.9 ZJ and did jet hot coated headers, throttle body, exhaust, full suspension and other goodies that we thought were "extreme" back in the day... LOL. Have been trying to wrap my head around the TH and honestly have been all over the map with planned mods the last few months. Wondering if I could get some feedback and help how to proceed. Live at 4900' with 91 octane at the pump and no e85 available. Willing to buy race fuel to mix if I need to boost octane.

Purchased AFE Intake and GT Haus exhaust with the remote cutouts (was really close to going awe instead and hope i'm not louder than I want. We still use this as grocery getter and picking up kids at school...) EDIT: Cancelled the AFE intake after figuring out that it would not like work with the 108mm TB. Looking at either legmaker or bwoody now.

Now looking at:
SDG Hellephant Killer Trifecta (ported snout, nick williams 108mm tb, cnc'ed bearing plate)
F1 Interchiller and 1" Spacer plates and blanket
ID1050X Injectors
Idler pulleys and tensioner (brand?)
180* Thermo (Brand? (brand?)
Plugs (Not sure here either?)

Now where I am not sure where to go:
Headers and high flow cats?
ATI pinned?
Could I still do upper griptech in maybe 2.95 or 3.10?
If running combo of the above mods, but not on e85, any reason for dual pumps or fuel rails?

Open to other routes or suggestions for sure. Still confused on who and what I need to tune. Will be using a local speed shop for install. They have a in house tuner and awd dyno, but we are in a small town and most mods above will be a first for them. So not sure how I should combine their efforts with a remote tuner?

Thanks for any help and adv
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I did your last part. Street tuned, so I have no numbers, 16lbs of boost.

Be careful with the Nick Williams 108.
I just got thru with a dyno tune on my 300, Nick Williams 108 failed, they had to put a hellcat TB on to finish. Made 943rwhp.
13 Chrysler 300S, RAM BGE 412 stroker, cam motion 232/246 619/619 118 +4, ATI 18% OD pulley, E85 tune
Whipple Gen5 3.0, 2.50 pulley, Smooth Boost, FIC 1200 inj. Hellcat TB, FORE dual fuel system, 1 7/8 kooks, 3" Cat-back
Thank you for the feedback. Have you heard of other cases? That 300 sounds ornery! Are you happy with the TH the way it is?
Trackhawk is perfect with those MODs. Trans tune is the biggest help, a MUST in my book. Factory Trans tune is very weak.

300 was on a Mustang Dyno, so I'm sure the numbers would be higher on a DynoJet. Internet says, 10 - 15%
1 - 4 of 4 Posts