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New member from Alberta, Canada

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Just got my TH last week. Just can’t pass up the discount given! So far I’m enjoying it. It’s not as fast as my 800hp GTR but it is more practical and the thunder roar exhaust is just melody. Now I can haul my family around town and get all those big stuffs from Costco with ease. Just loving it. 🙂
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Welcome to the gang.
welcome. I know this is a Th form but you cant sy you have a 800HP GTR and not post a picture of it next to the TH. I always wanted a GTR I just dont fit in cars very comfy.
Better yet, since I'm local, pull the TH and GTR out of the garage, let me park my TH next to the two (sandwich the GTR between the TH's) and then post of picture of that. ;-)
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I just got back from a road trip vacation to Alberta...did Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary. AMAZING scenery and super friendly people.

No, we didn't take the TH. My wife has wayyy too much stuff for that, on a 35-day road trip. Used our new Navigator for that 5100-mile trek.
welcome aboard fellow Canuck. A western road trip is on my bucket list, once the home renovations are done!
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