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Welcome to the forum and community. Congratulations on the TH

I have been driving hellcats since 12/2014. I currently own a 2017 Charger HC as well. The Trackhawk is a rocket out of the box. This is the only Hellcat which can actually put the power down factoring in the AWD.

The hellcats spin tires no matter how you slice it and you are always congnizant of that fact from a dig. With the TH no such issues. You can smoke unsuspecting Super/Hyper cars from a dig. I embarrassed a Hellcat last Really felt bad about doing that to a fellow brethren, but it was a wicked feeling and probably a momentary lapse of reason on my part, since I rarely indulge in these things on the streets. I’m currently at 700 miles and this beast is only going to get stronger after the 1500 mile mark I suspect.

Anyways drive safe and keep us posted about the fobs and your driving impressions along the way. Cheers!!!
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