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Hi all! Name is Daniel and I obviously work in the donut business. Usually just lurk on these sites to get info which explains the low post count but I need help. This is my 3rd GC. 2 SRT's, a 2013 and a 2017, and now a TH. I've had it a year now and love it. Have done a few mods so far. Full Stainless Works exhaust, will get to that later, 2.65" upper pulley, high flow injectors, low temp thermostat, custom tune, DDR performance intake, JL stealth sub with a JL 600w amp. Right now I'm at 700whp and very happy except for the exhaust. Honestly it's too loud. Especially leaving the house at 4am to go to work. I had a Borla exhaust on the previous SRT's and loved it but got too anxious and went with SW this time around. Will be looking for someone in the Houston area to trade out mine for their stock setup plus cash to me. But I will make them great deal for whoever is interested in it. I'll be posting it up for sale/trade soon but if anyone is interested in it and wants to hear it in person let me know.
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Well that sucks. That’s exactly why I haven’t messed with a perfect sound. Hold onto your stocker next time around. Good luck with the search.
Ha, I know and I normally do. Just got rid of my 2013 SRT stock mufflers last summer! My TH exhaust got scrapped by accident. I'm sure someone will want it. They sound great just loud.
I still have my stock srt exhaust from my 2010 that I sold last year. I definitely don’t need that anymore.
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