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Hello fellow Forum Members!
Just took possession of a new TrackHawk and am learning all about it.
The vehicle is definitely impressive in performance.
I am disappointed in the lack of trailer towing wiring so that I may tow very light trailers legally. After all it is purported to be a SUV.
If anyone knows how to add trailer tow wiring without waiting for FCA engineering to come up with the solution kit please let me know.

***Due to a change enacted earlier this year by Jeep, 2018 Grand Cherokees not equipped with the "AHT-Trailer Tow Package" are no longer preconfigured to accept the 56055632AC Connector or any other Trailer Hitch Wiring Harness. Mopar engineering is aware of the current condition and is actively working on an electrical wiring solution. Mopar hopes to have a resolution available by October. The hitch can still be added to 2018 models for rack and carrier use only. If you have a Grand Cherokee built in March of 2018 or later you may be affected.
If you have a 2018 Grand Cherokee built after February 2018 you will have to physically look under/behind the rear bumper to see if your Jeep has the necessary harness for the factory hitch connector to connect to.***
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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