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Hi All TH enthusiasts!

I just picked up a used Track Hawk yesterday with 1800 miles on it, and I traded in my 2015 SRT (all stock) with only 9,400 miles on it. Since the TH has already been broken in, I was able to really test drive it and get a sense of what it is capable of. I have not tried launch control yet, but after the test drive I was sold, and I have been smiling ear to ear every time I stab the throttle which is nothing short of impressive! I purchased it out of town 3 hrs away from me, and for the deal it was well worth the drive.

Now to my question. Since this is the only TH I have ever driven, is it supposed to make a “verrrr-up” sound on WOT upshifts from the rear end? At first, I thought it was the ring and pinion gear mesh making sounds, or it is just the way the exhaust sounds. My 2015 SRT was loud on WOT upshifts, but I have never heard anything like this before.
I would love to post a video link of the sound, but can’t since I don’t have enough posts yet. I have watched a few TH YouTube video reviews and have kind of heard the same sound, but mine seems really loud to me. Before I take it to the dealer to look at, I just wanted to check and see if this is normal or not. My guess is my local dealer has no experience with Track Hawks, as I have only seen 1-2 for sale here in Wichita, KS since they came out. I don’t hear it on part throttle upshifts, but it happens every time in any drive mode at WOT where the exhaust note is the loudest.

My wife who usually tells me I am imagining things, even said it was weird and I should have it checked out. Still not sure I want to take it to the dealer or not at this point. Not a comforting feeling to hand them the key and say, “please go out and floor this and see if it sounds normal to you”. My guess is no mechanic there would have a clue, but would love the chance for a free joyride!

If anyone is reading this and you live near Wichita, KS and have a broken in TH I would love to visit with you and compare our TH’s to see if they sound the same on WOT upshifts. I will certainly reimburse you for the gas used!:wink2:

Thank you,
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