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New to the SC scene

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Hey there guys (and gals of course)

just wanted to quickly introduce myself and say thank you so much to everyone on this forum for the wealth of knowledge you have put out!

Ive been reading through pages and pages of info here before I finally decided to pull the trigger and traded my 2017 SRT8 GC on a 2021 TH…. So thank you for that too 😂

Now since that day I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

looking forward at all the mods to come!

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Cut up all your credit cards before it's too late.
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:ROFLMAO: I think it already is too late!
Have a few mods in mind to add to the ones already done by the previous owner.

Was a bit of a added bonus that I discovered after purchasing the car..
Enjoy! I had an 06 Jeep SRT which I loved! Drove it until 2017 and never had one issue with it. I got a new 2017 Jeep SRT which I drove for a couple of years and I traded that in March 2019 for my 2018 Trackhawk that was brand new and sitting in the dealer showroom for the entire year. Got an amazing deal on it to boot.

Have not had one regret! Just a fantastic vehicle to drive and enjoy.
I traded in my 18’ SRT in for my 21’ TH.

don’t have any ragrets
I first had the OG 07 SRT8 GC then traded that in on a 2010 model with the upgraded entertainment system. Then I traded that in on a 2013 Dodge Ram, realized I missed the power of the srt8 so traded that in on a 2015 Srt8 GC (black). Then I remembered how much work goes into keeping a black car clean and traded that in on a 2017 SRT8 GC.

When I found out the trackhawk was coming I promptly put my name down for one, but then found out what the retail was on them ($135K) they ream us here in SA with tax and import duty. So I said no way I’m paying that.

a Few months ago I found out they discontinued the trackhawk and I hit panic stations and got on the hunt for one. Found one that had 9000 miles on the clock and after reading all the info on here I thought “oh well no time like the present” so traded up to the TH.

After some investigation I found the tuner that did the car and a list of all the mods on it, aswell as the Dyno sheeto_O (895HP & 1097NM)

So all in all I’m a happy chappy… I do miss that original 07 SRT8 though
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Good luck with the new ride, you're going to love it!
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Congrats on the new ride
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